From Mountain to Sea

WoW! What a weekend! I seriously think I have the best host parents on this trip. This weekend they spent the entire weekend with me showing me every part of Barcelona. Barcelona is located in between 2 mountains, this weekend I was on top of both of them.

Friday, they picked the girls and I up from school to take us for Sagrada Familia. BEAUTIFUL!!

They then took me to Tibidabo which is at the top of the mountain and it overlooks the entire city of Barcelona.

Saturday, we started our day sight seeing at the Barcelona cathedral as well as other cathedrals in town including the church where Natalia and Javier got married. We had lunch on the the Mediterranean Sea then went to see the Olympic port, the Olympic stadium, and a military castle which was on top of the other mountain. We then went to La Pedrera by Gaudi and ended our day visiting the FCBarcelona soccer stadium and having sushi as home.

Sunday was beach day! We drove about 30 minutes to the families house in Sitges. We rode our bikes to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful weather. For lunch, we ate at a delicious restaurant on the harbor, walked around the city and had crepes!

It was an exhausting weekend, but I had a great one! My family took me around to everywhere I wanted to go and we ate at some of the best restaurants. The weekend was perfect! Now for school tomorrow..








Class and school



My school in Barcelona!

(I’m new to this whole blog thing, so until I find a better way to insert pictures, this is how I will post them.) Enjoy!

Sant Jordi

Barcelona is beautiful! The buildings are beautiful and everything is very modern. There are markets everywhere full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. One of the big differences is eating. Here they eat 2 breakfasts, lunch around 1:00, and supper around 9:00. Lunch is a big meal to them like supper is our big meal in the states. Everything is also much smaller here. The roads are very narrow, food portions are small, and everyone walks close together; much different than the United States. So far my experience has been great! My family is very nice and helpful and my teacher is great!

Today was my first day at school as well as it being Sant Jordi Day (Saint George). Saint George day is a holiday celebrated in Barcelona on April 23rd where they sell books and roses on the street. The rose is the symbol of Saint George.

The story goes that a princess was getting attacked by a dragon when Saint George came up and killed the dragon to save the princess. The dragon bleed roses so the prince took the rose and gave it to the princess.
Today at school, all the younger children came to school dressed as princes and princess. It was a fun day for the children filled with a play about Saint George, a puppet show, and the students selling various items they made to their classmates.

After school, Natalia, Patricia, and I took the metro to downtown Barcelona to walk the streets for Saint George day. After arriving home, I helped the girls with their homework and then we had supper as a family. I then showed the family where I’m from and pictures of WKU.

First day in Spain

After a long day of flying and sitting in airports, we finally made it to Spain! When we arrived, it was 9:00am in Barcelona and 2:00am in Kentucky. We were bussed to the school, where our host parents picked us up. After my host mom, Natalia picked me up, we went home to drop off my luggage and to freshen up. We then went on a walk around Barcelona and finished up with lunch at the club where she plays Paddle Tennis (a mixture of Tennis and Squash).

At 2:00 we all met back at the school for an orientation with our coordinator. While there, we got a tour of the school and got to meet the teacher we will be teaching with. I will be teaching with a Kindergarten teacher who teaches about fifty 4 and 5 year olds a day.

After orientation, Natalia picked me up and we rode the metro home. When we arrived home, her oldest daughter, Patricia (9) was home. She greeted me and we then walked her to music school. After dropping Patricia off, I went home to rest until Natalia had to pick up her youngest daughter, Gabriela (7). I helped Gabriela study for her spelling test and she read to me in english. The girls and I then played the wii until Javier came home and we had supper. For supper, Natalia made a traditional Spanish meal of a Spanish omelet, ham, baguettes, cheese, and little chicken stuffers that I do not know the name of, but they look like mozzarella sticks. The meal was delicious, there was nothing I did not like about it. After dinner, I gave the family their gifts and everyone got ready for bed.

As crazy and exhausting as the day was, I have loved every minute I have been here. My family is great, the girls are precious! ๐Ÿ™‚ The city is beautiful and the food is good! The time change will take some getting use to as well as eating dinner at 9:00 at night. Overall, it was great day! Tomorrow I start teaching Kindergarten!

Night before

Well…this is it. Tomorrow is the big day! I have waited and waited for this trip for months. It’s crazy to think that in less than 12 hours, I will be boarding my first flight to head to Barcelona, Spain! I’ve said my goodbyes to my friends and today, my goodbyes to my family. Tomorrow is it.
I never thought I would be nervous for this trip, only excited. But 1 month, away from the most important people in my life?? That’s a long time. I am as excited as ever though. I’ve spoke with my host family and I’m already in love. They have 2 little girls, 7 and 9 years old, who are precious. My teacher and her preschoolers, adorable! I cannot wait to meet everyone and see the city!
Tomorrow is the day!!
Barcelona here I come!!! โœˆ๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ