First day in Spain

After a long day of flying and sitting in airports, we finally made it to Spain! When we arrived, it was 9:00am in Barcelona and 2:00am in Kentucky. We were bussed to the school, where our host parents picked us up. After my host mom, Natalia picked me up, we went home to drop off my luggage and to freshen up. We then went on a walk around Barcelona and finished up with lunch at the club where she plays Paddle Tennis (a mixture of Tennis and Squash).

At 2:00 we all met back at the school for an orientation with our coordinator. While there, we got a tour of the school and got to meet the teacher we will be teaching with. I will be teaching with a Kindergarten teacher who teaches about fifty 4 and 5 year olds a day.

After orientation, Natalia picked me up and we rode the metro home. When we arrived home, her oldest daughter, Patricia (9) was home. She greeted me and we then walked her to music school. After dropping Patricia off, I went home to rest until Natalia had to pick up her youngest daughter, Gabriela (7). I helped Gabriela study for her spelling test and she read to me in english. The girls and I then played the wii until Javier came home and we had supper. For supper, Natalia made a traditional Spanish meal of a Spanish omelet, ham, baguettes, cheese, and little chicken stuffers that I do not know the name of, but they look like mozzarella sticks. The meal was delicious, there was nothing I did not like about it. After dinner, I gave the family their gifts and everyone got ready for bed.

As crazy and exhausting as the day was, I have loved every minute I have been here. My family is great, the girls are precious! 🙂 The city is beautiful and the food is good! The time change will take some getting use to as well as eating dinner at 9:00 at night. Overall, it was great day! Tomorrow I start teaching Kindergarten!


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