Sant Jordi

Barcelona is beautiful! The buildings are beautiful and everything is very modern. There are markets everywhere full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. One of the big differences is eating. Here they eat 2 breakfasts, lunch around 1:00, and supper around 9:00. Lunch is a big meal to them like supper is our big meal in the states. Everything is also much smaller here. The roads are very narrow, food portions are small, and everyone walks close together; much different than the United States. So far my experience has been great! My family is very nice and helpful and my teacher is great!

Today was my first day at school as well as it being Sant Jordi Day (Saint George). Saint George day is a holiday celebrated in Barcelona on April 23rd where they sell books and roses on the street. The rose is the symbol of Saint George.

The story goes that a princess was getting attacked by a dragon when Saint George came up and killed the dragon to save the princess. The dragon bleed roses so the prince took the rose and gave it to the princess.
Today at school, all the younger children came to school dressed as princes and princess. It was a fun day for the children filled with a play about Saint George, a puppet show, and the students selling various items they made to their classmates.

After school, Natalia, Patricia, and I took the metro to downtown Barcelona to walk the streets for Saint George day. After arriving home, I helped the girls with their homework and then we had supper as a family. I then showed the family where I’m from and pictures of WKU.


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