This past weekend was a holiday here in Europe so we only had a 3 day week at school and were off Thursday and Friday. My fellow SPED majors and I (6girls) traveled to Italy for the long weekend.

We began our adventure right after school Wednesday night. We flew from Barcelona to Rome. We got to Rome late Wednesday night and went straight to our hotel. Thursday morning we woke up early to begin site seeing. We started with a tour bus that took us around the city, showing us all the famous attractions. We then went to the Vatican (BEAUTIFUL!!!) Since it was May first (which is apparently a holiday in Europe) everything was closed. (Very silly) while at the Vatican, we could not see all that we wanted, but we still got to go into St. Peter’s Basilica and see various parts around the Vatican. After the Vatican, we hopped back on the bus where it took us to the colosseum. After looking around the colosseum, Roman ruins, and having lunch, we got back on the bus again to go Trevi Fountain. We all got gelato, made a wish in the fountain, and finished exploring the city. After exploring the city, we stopped at an ice bar for a drink and to rest. After the ice bar, we headed back toward our hotel and had dinner at a local pizzeria.

Friday morning we woke up early to catch a train the Florence. After arriving in Florence, we bought tickets for the tour bus and rode around to see the city. For lunch we stopped at a small shop to have pizza and pasta (my favorite meal of the trip). After lunch we got back on the bus to explore some more. It started raining, so we all bought ponchos and stood in line for the Michael Angelo Museum where we saw the statue of David and various other famous art work. After the museum, we went shopping and headed back to our hotel for the night.

Saturday morning, we woke up early again to catch a train to Venice! We arrived in Venice at about 11:00am, checked in to our hotel, and began exploring. Since Venice is surrounded by water we decided to take a water taxi to the opposite side of the city and then walk back to the central area so we were sure to see everything along the way. The taxi dropped us off right next to Saint Marks Basilica and Doge’s Palace. We explored around the area and then went to see Rialto Bridge. It began sprinkling, so we headed back to check into our hotel and eat at a local pizzeria.

Sunday morning we slept in, checked out of our hotel, and went to enjoy Venice! We went shopping for a little and then went on a gondola ride. After our relaxing ride on the gondola, we walked to Saint Mark’s Campanile and went up the tower to see off of Venice. We ended our day by having lunch along the water and then caught a bus to the airport.

Italy was beautiful! Rome was amazing and full of so much history, Florence was exactly how I pictured Italy to look, and Venice was the icing on the top of the cake, breathtaking! It was nice to have a little vacation on top of my vacation here in Barcelona. It’s good to be back in in Barcelona with my host family and to see all the kids in classroom! 😊









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