Germany ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช

This past weekend, I traveled to Pfaffenweiler, Germany (the sister city of my hometown Jasper, IN) to visit some friends. I flew into Switzerland Friday night where Annika and her mom picked me up. We went back to her parents house for food, wine, and to visit with her family.

Saturday morning, Annika and I went to city hall to meet the mayor. Mr. Haun talked to me about my family, and then showed me a picture he had on his desk that my grandpa had sent him. I also got to talk with Mr. Haun the school systems in America. In Germany, students with disabilities go to separate schools than the other students. He was interested to hear how we incorporate students with disabilities into our classrooms. After chatting for a while, he gave me a glass from Schnecke-Fescht. It is the last glass they made. He then showed me around his office and the different things he has from Jasper.

After meeting the major, Annika and I went to the Pfaffenweiler weinhaus to sample wine and meet our friend Caro. Annika and Caro then took me walking around Pfaffenweiler and then we went to Caro’s house for ice cream. After ice cream, we went driving up the vineyards to see the city. After exploring around Pfaffenweiler, Freiburg, and Staufen, we went to Annika’s parents house for lunch and then went shopping in France. ๐Ÿ™‚ After shopping, Annika ended our night with some friends at a Wine Fest in Freiburg.

Sunday morning, Annika’s brother and dad picked us up to go to the Black Forest. We walked around the shops for a while, had lunch, then headed back into Freiburg to explore and to have Black Forest cake and coffee.

I had the best weekend in Germany! It was so great to see my heritage and to see the town that I have heard so much about my entire life.






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